Nordstrand Audio Introduces the NinoMute

Nordstrand Audio NinoMute Trio

Nordstrand Audio has added a new product to its string dampening line with the NinoMute. The device was developed by bassist Nino Ocampo for the double bass to help accentuate its acoustic nature.

“Designed for double bass and other stringed instruments, the NinoMute alters the instruments’ note envelope, smoothing out articulation and working to tame abrasive, dynamically inconsistent notes,” Nordstrand writes. “The resulting tone is thumpier, darker, and more direct; highly effective in ensembles that call for a mellower sound. With a bow, the NinoMute’s focus provides emphasis on fundamental technique and can act as a kind of training aid, helping students develop their fingering while controlling sympathetic resonance and the grating scratch of rudimentary arco technique. The NinoMute expands significantly the timbre and dynamics of the acoustic bass, adding a professional range of colors to the instrument’s sonic palette.”

The NinoMute is available for double bass and cello in four and five-string models. It comes in two versions: the Original and the XT, which provides extra thump. Get the scoop and hear it in action with this demo by Ed Friedland:

The NinoMute is available now for $50.

Nordstrand Audio NinoMute Features:

Mute for Double Bass and Cello (Violin and Viola coming soon)
Four and Five-String Models
Original and XT Versions
Color: Natural, Whiskey, Cognac

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