Nordstrand Audio Unveils PolyVox Multi-Coil Bass Pickups

Nordstrand Audio PolyVox Multi-Coil Pickups

Nordstrand Audio has added a new pickup model called the PolyVox. The multi-coil pickups are described as “the ultimate expression of Carey [Nordstrand’s] lifelong search for the most inspiring and musically evocative bass tone.”

The passive pickups are housed in a soapbar-shaped cover and can be made for four-, five-, and six-string basses. They feature asymmetrical angled coils with an Alnico magnet load and supporting ceramic bars.

“Isolating each string’s transducer profoundly alters the resonance of each pickup, resulting in a far flatter, more ‘transparent’ frequency response in comparison to conventional pickups designs,” Nordstrand writes. “The focus, integrity, and texture of every note transcends even the best conventional pickups designs.”

The Nordstrand Audio PolyVox has a street price starting at $192 for a single pickup.

Nordstrand Audio PolyVox Multi-Coil Pickup Features:

Multicoil, hum-canceling bass pickups
Available as single neck, single bridge, or as a set
Angled poles
Built with Alnico and ceramic magnets
Laser cut, fiber bobbins
Potted in a paraffin-beeswax mix to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.
Standard spacing is 19mm ctc at the bridge

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