The Cro-Mags Release “In The Beginning”

The Cro-Mags: In The BeginningHarley Flanagan and Cro-Mags have returned with In The Beginning, which marks the group’s first full-length in 20 years following a bitter legal battle over the band name. While the band began nearly 40 years ago, Flanagan opted to name it based on his reflection on the past. Its front cover is a picture of the building he wrote many early demos in. The back is a current picture of him in front of where the building was torn down. Flanagan also went back to many of his artists for inspiration.

“This album has all my influences in it; everything from Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Black Sabbath, Motorhead to Pink Floyd, Hardcore, Metal, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical – you name it,” the bassist/vocalist explains. “It’s all the ingredients that went into writing the old Cro-Mags songs and then some. It even has cellos and percussion and samples on it. I’m not afraid to break the so-called rules of hardcore, I never was; that’s why our music stood out and always has. This is a culmination of everything I am as a person; it’s my personal evolution; my musical evolution and all the things that have influenced me musically thus far. It is 100% Cro-Mags.”

Check out the track “From the Grave”:

In The Beginning is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

In the Beginning Track List:

  1. Don’t Give In
  2. Drag You Under
  3. No One’s Victim
  4. From The Grave
  5. No One’s Coming
  6. PTSD
  7. The Final Test
  8. One Bad Direction
  9. Two Hours
  10. Don’t Talk About It
  11. Between Wars
  12. No Turning Back
  13. There Was a Time

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