Bass of the Week: Tangente Instruments Domino Fretless

Tangente Domino Fretless Bass

This week we’re featuring another amazing bass by Tangente Instruments. The Domino is a fretless four-string built from local lumber with some intricate woodworking.

“For this build, we used all local woods, with the exception of the mahogany neck,” luthier Matias Catueño explains. “I designed the patterns based on tangent lines, which were then laser engraved with laser on the top and then filled with colored epoxy. The body is semihollow, with a little opening on the upper left horn. What seems to be painted black, is actually ebony pieces and holes alternated.”

Catueño fitted the bass with a custom piezo system under the saddle in addition to a pair of Mazzarino JB pickups. A three-way switch allows you to toggle between three modes – Magnetics only, Piezo only, and Magnetics + Piezo – before the signal is sent to a three-band Bassalto preamp.

Other features include a multi-scale neck, hipshot tuners, an ebony nut, and Magma Flat Black Nylon tapewound strings.

Tangente Domino Fretless Bass Specs:

Scale:34″ - 32″
Top / Headpiece:Guayubira
Electronics cavity cover:Flamed Laurel
Inlay:Epoxy resin
Pickups:Mazzarino JB set + Piezo Maese
Electronics:Pre EQ Bassalto
Strings:Magma Flat Black Nylon tapewound

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