Gruv Gear Announces Kapsule Duo Bass Case

Gruv Gear Kapsule Duo Bass Case with Basses

Gruv Gear has added to their Kapsule line of travel cases with the Kapsule Duo. The design, which fuses aspects of hard and soft cases, can carry two basses in a humidity-controlled case.

“The Kapsule Duo is an impeccable fusion of both hard and soft cases, allowing musicians to carry it backpack style, traditional suitcase, or roll it using the included snap-on wheels,” a press release explains. “It’s cleverly constructed using a tough ABS/polycarbonate shell combined with a thick layer of lightweight expanded polystyrene for excellent shock absorption. The interior is further lined with foam and a soft fabric lining throughout, keeping your guitars safe and secure while traveling for concerts and shows.”

Central to the Kapsule design is an Iso chamber that suspends the bass’s headstock. It also features several pockets for carrying accessories or even clothes for the tour. A Boveda two-way humidity control pack absorbs or releases moisture to keep the interior at the right level. Finally, Gruv Gear fits the Kapsule Duo with a TSA Lock and their own Global Recovery Tag, which is used at nearly 3,000 airports to help track your bass. Options for the case include an Oktane wireless power bank or a voice-controlled Bluetooth Tracker.

The Gruv Gear Kapsule Duo will be shipping this month with a street price of $499.99.

Gruv Gear Kapsule Duo Features:

Carries Two Basses
Check-in ready with TSA security locks
Bold design with polycarbonate/ABS shell combined with rugged fabrics
Tour-ready storage pockets for a guitar/bass amp, cables, pedals and other essentials
Alternatively, pack clothes and shoes in the large front storage area, enough for a 2- to 3-day trip, and leave your roller bag at home
Includes 1 year of peace of mind with our Global Recovery Tag powered by HomingPIN, already recognized and integrated in over 2,800 airports and major airlines
Well-padded, wide shoulder straps for comfort, can be tucked in when checking the bag
Snap-on, smooth-rolling wheels takes weight off your shoulders
Optional Play Package: Gruv Gear hi-fidelity micro headphone amp (powered by PJB), instrument cable and auxiliary cable
Optional Power Package: Oktane wireless power bank, 2 Oktane charging cables
Optional Bluetooth Tracker: Includes Apple iOS or Android app to keep track of your Kapsule, includes voice control via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa
Shock-absorbing hybrid padding layers to protect your instrument
Unique “Iso Chamber” to keep headstock from impact damage
Built-in 2-way humidity control
Extra long EVA neck support with additional storage

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