Kansas Returns With “The Absence of Presence”

Kansas: The Absence of PresenceThe prog-rock juggernauts in Kansas have just released The Absence of Presence, which marks the band’s sixteenth studio album. The release features nine all new tracks written the band.

“We are really proud of the album ‘The Absence of Presence’,” Kansas guitarist, producer, and songwriter Zak Rizvi says. “Making a new Kansas album sets a very high musical standard that is expected from our fans. From rockers, to progressive epics, to ballads, there is something on this recording for everybody.”

The album is, of course, anchored by the mighty bass work of Billy Greer, whose snarling tone helps to drive the rhythm. Hear it in action with this video for “Throwing Mountains”:

The Absence of Presence is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

The Absence of Presence Track List:

  1. The Absence of Presence
  2. Throwing Mountains
  3. Jets Overhead
  4. Propulsion 1
  5. Memories Down the Line
  6. Circus of Illusion
  7. Animals on the Roof
  8. Never
  9. The Song the River Sang

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  1. Troy Hughes

    These guys never disappoint and they’ve never sounded better than with this current line-up.