Kansas – “Leftoverture”: The Complete Basslines, Part 7

Tim Fletcher’s and Troy Hughes’ epic project “Kansas: Leftoverture – The Complete Basslines” has reached its seventh chapter, featuring Dave Hope’s work on “Cheyenne Anthem”.

This chapter carries on from the previous six installments, and, as usual, includes in-depth analysis, a full transcription (with tab), playing hints and tips, and a video playthrough. If you wish to, you can gradually build up a collection of the chapters to complete the album.

We are very pleased to announce that they have been lucky enough to chat with Dave Hope about his basses, his amplifiers, and insights into how Kansas developed their songs:

“Steve’s songs were always completed, but Kerry rarely showed up with completed Prog songs – he mostly brought in long passages that we learned and jammed on. Then he would come back with it more refined and with a melody, and also with another passage of song to hack out. We were Kerry’s lab. The long ones were like building a house, room to room, in the blind in some instances, I suppose it looks more organized now. But Kerry was still developing his craft in those earlier days, and quite frankly, some of it sucked and was left on the practice place floor. But from your side, it all looks like magic.”

The main text for the book will be updated to include the full interview.

Download chapter seven and the transcription, then follow along with video:

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