PHD Bass Guitars Introduces Ergonomic Lightweight Bass (ELB)

PHD Bass Guitars ELB Ergonomic Lightweight Bass BodyPHD Bass Guitars has unveiled a new model to their lineup called the ELB, or Ergonomic Lightweight Bass. The instrument was designed by luthier Parizad Hatcher to include several unique features that benefit playability as well as health.

“This bass has an ergonomic body shape which allows the player to rest the instrument comfortably on their leg with the neck at an upwards angle (approximately 45 degrees off the body),” she writes. “This angle makes it easier for the player to keep the shoulders relaxed and down while keeping the elbow of the fretting hand behind the wrist thereby decreasing the bend of the wrist, and preventing some common overuse injuries. I developed this concept by combining my experience building classical guitars and working with bass players that suffer from tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s not just the cutaway on the treble side of the lower bout that makes this work, it’s also a matter of balance (center of gravity) that prevents the bass from being neck heavy, which would require the fretting hand to support some of the weight of the bass.”

Hatcher built the five-string bass with a one-piece ash body that has a 5A maple burl top and flamed big leaf maple back. Its fixed neck is maple and fitted with a fretless Macassar ebony fingerboard, which is lined and further marked with white glow-in-the-dark side dot inlays. For electronics, Hatcher utilizes a set of Nordstrand Fat Stacks under ebony covers as well as a Nordstrand 3-band EQ. Finally, the gold hardware is made by Hipshot and Dunlop. All in all, it weighs just seven pounds.

The PHD Bass Guitars ELB Ergonomic Lightweight Bass is available for order with prices starting at $4,000 for a five-string version.

PHD Bass Guitars ELB Ergonomic Lightweight Bass Specs:

Construction:Set Neck
Body:One-Piece Ash
Top:Maple Burl 5A
Back Cap:Flamed Big Leaf Maple
Fingerboard:Macassar Ebony
Frets:Fretless with Lines
Side Dots:White/Glow-in-the-Dark
Pickups:Nordstrand Fat Stack
Electronics:Nordstrand 3-Band
Tuners:Hipshot Ultralite
Strap Lock:Dunlop

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