Bass of the Week: GV Guitars Fang – Chaozz Funk

GV Guitars Fang - Chaozz Funk Bass

This week we’re checking out a bass by GV Guitars called the Fang – Chaozz Funk. With its striking angles and finish, the instrument is the first in their Fang line to have five strings.

“Chaozz Funk is the first 5 string Fang bass, with everything you could imagine,” the company explains. “Humbucker in mid position with serial/parallel switch, 2-band ZolkoW preamp, and a passive tone for total tone control. Deep neck pocket, with bolt-on system with 6 screws Psychedelic finish, and 3 illuminated RGB lights.”

GV Guitars built the Chaozz Funk with an ash body tone block, alder body wings, and a maple neck. The pau ferro fingerboard holds 24 frets with no inlays. Other features include Schaller BM tuners and a Schaller 3D-5 bridge. Most of the specs can be customized, GV adds.

GV Guitars Fang – Chaozz Funk Bass Specs:

Body Tone Block:Ash
Body Wings:Alder
Fingerboard:Pau Ferro
Pickup:SBS Custom
Electronics:2 band ZolkoW preamp
Tuners:Schaller BM
Bridge:Schaller 3D-5

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  1. Tom Griffiths

    Again…. no sound bites and no price! Are we comparing this to a custom Fodera or a dressed up Squire??? What’s the point?

    • Tom Griffiths

      BTW: The lights are tacky and take the whole instrument down a few notches in class.

  2. William B

    Very Hard to know what to say; There is a strange paint / finish line around the upper pick up slot that REALLY detracts from the instruments quality. It makes the hole for the pick up look wobbly or badly cut.
    I am sure the quality is good, but it is attention to details such as this that really marks out an instrument. I would not buy this, simply because of that. If the builder would not be prepared to go back and fix something like that then I would judge the whole build like that.
    The rear has some slight orange peel to the finish – again correctable, I mean – look at the lovely gloss on the upper arm.
    We would LOVE a link to hearing this instrument.
    Nice to see such a LARGE cutaway and the neck bolts extending beyond the cutaway.
    For ME, inlays could have been nice here – especially with the paint design. Also not a fan of the raised control panel, it outs the knobs too close to the strings for me and would make me feel cramped. I would probably hit them if I was really going for it.
    The Devil is in the Details. it really is.

    Dear builder, I hope you can understand why I say these things, you can obviously build – perhaps spend more time designing and really think it through. You could have hand painted over that pickup “line” before glossing. and it would have been a different story. XX