Juliaplaysgroove: You Keep Me Hangin’ On

Juliaplaysgroove has a new U-Bass, and she’s putting it to good use.

In this clip, she takes on The Supremes hit tune, “You Keep Me Hangin’ On,” and absolutely nails James Jamerson’s line (and the tone!)

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  1. Cornelius Fogan

    Julia keeps me hanging on,that u bass she just got the tone on it is crazy it sounds like a fender.

  2. Vinny Sansone

    Not a big Kala fan. But she got the most enjoyable tone I’ve heard out of that bass. Very clean, punchy, and articulate. Nice!

  3. Al Gates

    Great tone. Put that bass to good use….

  4. Mike

    Very clean and punchy.. loved it… bout to woodshed now…???????

  5. MikeyM

    Supremely Superb!