Eric Revis Releases “Slipknots Through a Looking Glass”

Eric Revis: Slipknots Through a Looking GlassJazz bassist Eric Revis has released his eighth album as a leader, entitled Slipknots Through a Looking Glass. The music is a reflection of his interest in the surrealist movement and was born from a digital journal of images and concepts he keeps. The image of slipknots through a looking glass came up and it stuck with him for its “inherent symbolism: the slipknot’s ephemeral nature further complicated by its reflection through the looking glass — was it even there to begin with, and where does it go when it disappears?”

“All those ideas are very, very much a part of this record,” Revis says. “The idea of a journey — although it wasn’t something that I set out to do, it’s a theme that runs through all of this record.”

The bassist recruited longtime bandmates for the project including drummer Chad Taylor, pianist Kris Davis, and saxophonists Darius Jones and Bill McHenry. “It was interesting to see how the band could collectively navigate these islands,” says the composer. “Without giving it over to the musicians entirely, the process was more, ‘I have this sparse idea; let’s develop it into this next sparse idea, and then go on from there.’”

Hear that development in “Baby Renfro”:

Slipknots Through a Looking Glass is avaialble now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Slipknots Through a Looking Glass Track List:

  1. Baby Renfro
  2. SpÆ
  3. Earl & the Three-Fifths Compromise
  4. Slipknots Through a Looking Glass, Pt. 1
  5. Shutter
  6. ProByte
  7. Slipknots Through a Looking Glass, Pt. 2
  8. House of Leaves
  9. When I Become Nothing
  10. Vimen
  11. Slipknots Through a Looking Glass, Pt. 3

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