Raven Releases “Metal City”

Raven: Metal CityRaven has released their highly anticipated fourteenth studio album, entitled Metal City. The pioneering power trio, who paved the way for thrash and metal in the 80s, named the album after their hometown.

“Newcastle upon Tyne has been referred to as Metal City for good reason,” says vocalist/bassist John Gallagher. “We come from there for a start. But it’s about a mindset, the people there have a tenacity and an ability to go beyond the limits to get to where they are going.”

Metal City is the first to feature drummer Mike Heller, who joined the fold in 2017. Gallagher told us earlier this year that his introduction was a “quantum leap” for the bands playing and writing. “He’s a younger guy with many different influences for sure, but there’s some common ground and in that way, we broaden each other’s palettes,” he said. “His technical ability is frightening. Anything we throw at him he chews it up and spits it back about 100 bpm faster! We have that ESP thing between us for sure which is so important for a rhythm section.”

Raven fans will also notice that Gallagher’s tone is dirtier on Metal City than their last effort, Extermination. Check out the track “Top of the Mountain”:

Metal City is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Metal City Track List:

  1. The Power
  2. Top of the Mountain
  3. Human Race
  4. Metal City
  5. Battlescarred
  6. Cybertron
  7. Motorheadin’
  8. Not so Easy
  9. Break
  10. When Worlds Collide

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