The Austin Bass Hang Announces “Austin” Webinar

Austin Bass Hang Presents Austin

The Austin Bass Hang will be holding their fifth webinar this Sunday, October 4th at 1pm Central time. After featuring Nashville players and focusing on teachers last month, the hosts will be diving into the talent pool of their own city of Austin, Texas.

“We’ve decided to take a moment to turn the spotlight on some of our bassists,” the group writes. “Nick Clark, Dana Wygmans, Glenn Shuetz, Chris Maresh, and John Fremgen will share with us their unique experiences and perspectives on all things bass … and maybe a few other important matters (best ice cream or swimming holes in town, arguments for and against aisle seats, fashion choices). Tune in, say hi to these fantastic bassists, and feel free to ask questions.”

If you’re interested in the music scene for bassists in Austin, this is a great opportunity to get the inside scoop. The webinar is free and open to the public and is held via Zoom. There is a limited capacity, so be sure to register early.

If you missed last month’s “Teacher’s Hang” (featuring John Clayton, Ed Friedland, Jessica Vals, and David Neubert), you can catch up below.

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