Karl Clews: Kayoss Endjinn

Karl Clews reached out to us to share his latest.

“This is an original piece for bass and piccolo bass, entitled ‘Kayoss Endjinn,'” Karl shared. “The slap technique tends to polarise bass players, with one of the main arguments against it being that it lacks melody so, with this piece, I set out to try and use slap in a more lyrical and melodic way, using the pulled notes to create a melody and arpeggiated chords to add harmony. For this piece, I used my new signature Bogart Broadsword bass, and a Chowny SWB Pro short-scale strung as a piccolo to highlight the melody and create the atmospheric reverbed musical backdrop.”

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  1. I don’t hear much slapping that I like, but I like that!

  2. Scott Isaacson

    Karl crews is very talented, that is obvious and his melodic slap is beautiful along with his arrangement!


    Karl, your feel and timing is perfect! I love everything you do! DON’T STOP!

  4. Victor Hainsworth, PhD

    Excellent demonstration of the power of the bass using a melody that repeats and is very sweet. A++ Job well done, and keep up this trend of music writing for the bass. Players in the future will be studying you and your style for a long, long time. I am currently writing An Introduction to Melodic Constructionist Bass Theory. Stay tune, I will try to publish it here at NO TREBLE.

  5. Keith Kenyon

    beautiful tune and top notch playing! you’re using the slap technique to serve the song and with great success! keep it up. you are a huge inspiration and a fantastic bassist!!!!