The Flaming Lips: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

NPR just released the Tiny Desk (from Home) Concert with their guest The Flaming Lips, where the band brought social distancing to a whole new level.

“[Vocalist] Wayne Coyne has appeared inside a bubble for over a decade. At concerts, he’d roll over the tops of adoring fans, their outstretched hands keeping him aloft. That was novelty long ago; now it seems prescient. For this Tiny Desk (home) concert, Wayne and his bandmates are seemingly quarantined from one another, with the bubble-sharing green-haired drummers and keyboards pairing off, playing together yet apart,” NPR shared.

Michael Ivins doubled down with the bubble and a mask. But that didn’t stop him or the band from sounding great.

Set list:

  1. Will You Return/When You Come Down
  2. God And The Policeman
  3. Be Free, A Way
  4. It’s Summertime

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  1. Scott Isaacson

    Nice music…the primary singer reminds me of Jon Anderson. Very good ba!