Bass of the Week: Kristall Basses ROOM 4

Kristall Basses Room 4 Bass

This week we’re looking at a short-scale ROOM 4 bass recently completed by Kristall Basses. Handmade in Germany, the instrument is built entirely from maple and Pau Ferro.

“The acoustic voice of a ROOM is amazing and this short one is as good,” the builder writes.

The ROOM 4 is completed with a single Nordstrand pickup, Hipshot tuners, and a Richter preamp. Kristall built a custom adjustable bridge out of Pau Ferro.

Kristall Basses ROOM 4 Short Scale Bass Specs:

Fingerboard:Pau Ferro
Bridge:Pau Ferro

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Share your thoughts

  1. RRDLR2

    Scale length?

  2. John Williams

    It looks great. But what about sound and feel? And of cost?

  3. Greywoulf

    Slightly different, obviously a better bridge and PU, but the wood in the body looks just like what my inexpensive Hadean solid body U-bass has.

  4. Dk

    Is it just me ..or most of the new basses featured look like shit..
    Is there no style anymore like the fabulous Aria SB 1000 of the 80’s or…Gibson Thunderbird…Musicman Stringray…Rickenbacker 2003….Most basses these days look smug earthy designed by people who made them out of an old fireplace …yuk..!!!