The Budos Band Releases “Long In The Tooth”

The Budos Band: Long In The ToothFifteen years since their debut album, afro-psych soul outfit The Budos Band has returned with Long In The Tooth. The horn-heavy record is full of unshakeable grooves with the title track being described as “if Quentin Tarantino was the music supervisor for a Bond film.”

“The phrase felt right,” drummer Brian Prolifio says. “We’ve been a band for almost 20 years. We’re not getting any younger. We’re going to keep doing this though, so Long in the Tooth spoke to where we’re at.”

Central to The Budos Band sound is the bass work of Daniel Foder, who locks in with Prolifio on a deep level. He opts for an old school tone reminiscent of ’70s soundtracks to help set the music’s mood. Check out the title track:

Long In The Tooth is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Long In The Tooth Track List:

  1. Long in the Tooth
  2. Sixth Hammer
  3. Snake Hawk
  4. Dusterado
  5. Silver Stallion
  6. Haunted Sea
  7. The Wrangler
  8. Gun Metal Grey
  9. Mierda De Toro
  10. Budonian Knight
  11. Renegade

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