Steve Bailey, John Patitucci, and Victor Wooten Host “Pick Bass and Beyond” Webinar

Pick Bass and Beyond Webinar

Steve Bailey, John Patitucci, and Victor Wooten are continuing their weekly bass webinar this Thursday, October 22nd at 1pm with a program called “Pick Bass and Beyond.” The roundtable discussion is slated to include some of the most prominent pick players of our instrument.

“The Plectrum has been part of the Electric Bass Recipe since the inception of the instrument,” the description reads. “Here are some innovators with the Pick and Some downright GENERAL (as in rank) Bass Innovators like Jack Casady, Victor Wooten, John Patitucci, and Steve Bailey.”

Alongside the trio and Casady, the guest list includes Anthony Jackson, Bobby Vega, Dave Ellefson, Mike Gordon, and Carol Kaye. As always, surprise guests are sure to be popping in, as well.

The webinar is brought to you by the Berklee Bass Department and The Bass Vault. It’s free to join, but you must register ahead of time through the Berklee Zoom Campus page.

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