Carrtoons Releases New Album, “Saturday Morning”

Carrtoons: Saturday MorningBen Carr has released a new album called Saturday Morning with his solo project, Carrtoons. The bassist, who also handles all other instruments, brought in guest vocalists to channel vintage soul over hip-hop and R&B grooves.

Carr lists his inspirations as Stevie Wonder, Madlib, Thundercat, Jon Brion, André 3000, Questlove, J Dilla, Leon Sylvers III, James Jamerson, Carol Kaye, and Jaco Pastorius. You can hear a lot of those influences in the track “Something About You” featuring singer Will Heard:

Saturday Morning is available now as a digital download via Bandcamp.

Saturday Morning Track List:

  1. Love Somebody Intro
  2. Gimme Your Love!
  3. Give It Up (feat. Joanna Teters)
  4. Father (feat. Rae Khalil)
  5. Call You Right Back (feat. Topaz Jones)
  6. Bottle Rocket
  7. Ben on the Run
  8. Something About You (feat. Will Heard)
  9. Taurus (feat. Julia Zivic)
  10. Super Hero Sh*t
  11. Outro

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