Geezer Butler’s Solo Discography Rereleased on Vinyl

Geezer Butler Solo Discography Vinyl Release

Geezer Butler may have started his music career on vinyl with Black Sabbath, but now his solo discography is being released on the medium for the first time. His albums Plastic Planet, Black Science, and Ohmwork have all been re-released on both CD and LP versions with updated cover artwork.

“The nineties were a testing time for many of rock’s iconic leaders of the seventies. The nostalgia era that is now an industry of its own had yet to really come to prominence and many of the musicians who were there at rock’s dawn were left floundering as the new decade rolled around and an innovative and fresh wave of ‘alternative’ rock dominated the music world,” Butler’s website explains. “None of this phased Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler, however, who, as chief master of the heavy metal originators heavyweight bottom-end and the lyrics that gave voice to the monolithic riffs that the band made their trademark, didn’t rest on his laurels and created three solo albums of forward-thinking new music throughout those years.”

Plastic Planet and Black Science were released in 1995 and 1997, respectively, and featured Butler’s bluesy stylings meshed with industrial/groove metal. That’s thanks in part to Fear Factory’s Burton C. Bell, who handled vocals on Plastic Planet. Ohmwork came after an eight year gap caused by Butler’s return to Black Sabbath, and dropped the industrial sound for a more contemporary metal flavor.

Check out “Pull The String”:

Plastic Planet, Black Science, and Ohmwork are available now on vinyl and CD.

Plastic Planet Track List:

  1. Catatonic Eclipse
  2. Drive Boy, Shooting
  3. Giving Up The Ghost
  4. Plastic Planet
  5. Invisible
  6. Seance Fiction
  7. House of Clouds
  8. Detective 27
  9. X13
  10. Sci-Clone
  11. Cycle of Sixty

Black Science Track List:

  1. Man in a Suitcase
  2. Box of Six
  3. Mysterious
  4. Justified
  5. Departments
  6. Area Code 51
  7. Has to Be
  8. No. 5
  9. Among the Cybermen
  10. Unspeakable Elvis
  11. Xodiak
  12. Northern Wisdom
  13. Trinity Road

Ohmwork Track List:

  1. Misfit
  2. Pardon My Depression
  3. Prisoner 103
  4. I Believe
  5. Aural Sects
  6. Pseudocide
  7. Pull The String
  8. Alone
  9. Dogs of Whore
  10. Don’t You Know

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  1. Erik J Anderson

    I saw them years ago. After Burton C Bell FEAR FACTORY left. Exiting show. Moshpit was livid.