Booker T & The MG’s: “Soul Limbo” (Letterman Performance)

Will Lee has been sharing some pretty cool videos lately, like this one of Booker T & The MG’s performing on Letterman.

Will tells the story:

“Did somebody say ‘More Cowbell’? After this, you’ll want less! Here’s ‘Soul Limbo’ with Booker T & The MG’s on Letterman. One of their coolest hits, kind of a Soca rhythm-based piece. I volunteered to channel my ‘inner Ralph MacDonald’ and play cowbell. It was a big honor to stand behind one of my bass mentors, Duck Dunn and get to hear him up close. The man was steady as a rock, always! The cowbell part was originally performed by Isaac Hayes, I believe! This song has gotten around; In England, the BBC used it as the theme for cricket matches.”

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  1. Vinny Sansone

    What can you say. Absolutely legendary.

  2. MARK B.


  3. David C Dezz

    Will plays a mean cowbell. I miss the Letterman show and have been in the audience. I once spoke to Will Lee as we were leaving the Ed Sullivan theater briefly. Fun song by great musicians. Great to see Duck play again-great tone and right in the pocket. Thanks for another great video.

  4. John

    this makes me smile

  5. Gunther Wilderman

    Will knows me personally from WAY back in our Miami days. Haha! He is a musician’s musician but he’s in my estimation the greatest pop music maniac who has ever lived. Dunn was one great, great, great hard working R&B funk hard-nosed solid as a rock completely fun to listen to bassist.