Zander Zon: The Wayfaring Stranger

Zander Zon is back with an incredible new bass arrangement, and a return to an instrument we haven’t seen in a while.

“It’s been too long since I uploaded a harp bass arrangement so here I am FINALLY with a new one,” Zander shared.

In this clip, Zander performs his arrangement of “The Wayfaring Stranger” from 1917 on the 16 string beast.

Zander added some more background for the arrangement: “My tuning here is actually pretty straightforward: the fretless bass is EADG standard; the harp strings are all the notes of a C major chord so I can bring a little extra energy to that section; and the super-treble strings are tuned to an E minor scale so I can ‘answer’ the fretless melodies, which are also played in E minor.”

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