Aaron Gibson & Nahuel Bronzini: Apples

Months ago, Aaron Gibson sent me an early cut of this song, which he wrote during some incredibly trying times.

Now Aaron and Nahuel Bronzini have released the video for “Apples.” I asked Aaron to share some background:

“The song ‘Apples’ was a gut response thing, written and recorded in haste while I watched some of the craziness and evil in the world encroach on my friends. I usually meditate on my songs and give them quite a bit of thought, but Apples fell from the sky and hit me on the head. The song was quickly finished, without revision or rearrangement. Nahuel and I want to do more performance videos, but we live in different states, making it a bit hard to do. We decided that one of us could do a live performance video that the other could respond to. As I prepared to record my bit, I thought about the song’s lyrics and the long history of racism and protest songs in our country. I guess the fruit metaphors in both songs brought Billie Holiday’s voice to mind and got me thinking about our horrific past. It made me feel physically ill thinking about Abel Meeropol’s imagery in ‘Strange Fruit’, but I started singing the two songs together. It felt like a needed thing, some little tiny reminder to keep the past in mind.”

The track is available on Bandcamp.

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