Berklee Indian Ensemble Featuring Sharon Renold: Aakash

Any time I see a new video from Berklee Indian Ensemble hit, I stop what I’m doing to watch it.

This clip once again features vocalist/bassist Sharon Renold with the Ensemble, performing her original composition, “Aakash”.

Here’s some background on the song:

“‘Aakash’ meaning ‘sky’ is a song of hope and resilience. Life occurs in cycles. Everything on our planet goes through experiences of destruction and rebirth, continuously. Just as nature adapts to cycles and phases, even calamities that befall it, we too learn from every disaster that wreaks havoc on our lives, allowing us to weather through the next storm more calmly than before. ‘Aakash’ reminds us: We will rise looking toward the sky! Just as dusk welcomes the dawn; and winter its spring, we will rise and rebuild.”

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