Feliciati and Mastelotto Release “Portal”

Feliciati and Mastelotto: PortalGroove guru Lorenzo Feliciati has released yet another collaborative album this year, this time with King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto. Portal is described as a series of audio adventures between the duo. The ten-track album started with ideas from Mastelotto that winded up creating a companion release called PORTAL: The Late Night DJ.

“I started to send things to Lorenzo. He’s my buddy, I just love the [expletive] he does- Makes any mix I do sound better,” the drummer explains. “Anyway I guess around pandemic lockdown month two or three I kind of went “hey’?! What if…” FM as a name came easy that day I was mixing our initials around to come up with PORTAL… Made sense to us… I got Munyon over to help me with mixing. Somewhere on the path, I had the idea to try and be a late night DJ introducing it (blame the cocktails) … I wasn’t sure. Later I tried it with Deborah [Mastelotto] and I liked it. So now we have this crazy idea to release the record twice – one is the songs, the other is the late night DJ version with dialogue and story companion to the music.”

Feliciati weighed in on the release as well. “In the last 10 years my bass frequencies crossed their paths with Pat’s traps and buttons many many times,” he says. “In studio as well as onstage, having fun in enjoying creativity and grooves on the spot. We have created music being 8216 km away from each other. When you compose on a drums piece, you would normally have a blank page. Not with Pat though. His drums, and the way he uses them, are like melodic instruments creating a melody. So you get inspired and you interact with something powerful and deep and poetic. Like a late night programme on a FM radio.”

Portal and Portal: The Late Night DJ are both available via Bandcamp.

Portal Track List:

  1. Moto
  2. Not Responding Part 1
  3. Not Responding Part 2
  4. HDP
  5. Mirror
  6. Harvest
  7. Drumsalona
  8. Logorhythmic
  9. Homemade Prison
  10. The Return

Portal: The Late Night DJ Track List:

  1. Late Night DJ Part 1: It’s Never Only Talk
  2. Late Night DJ Part 2: Talkbox

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