Pierluigi Balducci Releases Solo Album, Updates Method Books

Pierluigi Balducci: Electric WoodItalian jazz bassist and educator Pierluigi Balducci is starting the year with two new releases. First up is the new edition of his bass method book, Contemporary Electric Bass Vol.1-2, which has been updated to be in both English and Italian. The two-book method also includes easier access to videos via QR codes.

“This two volume book is an INTEGRATED method book (book or e-book + online videos). It offers a variety of exercises that will strengthen both the harmonic and technical abilities of its readers. Staff writing and ONLINE VIDEOS are integrated in a useful and effective way, especially for those with reading difficulties. The 1st volume has been devised for bass players (also beginners). The 2nd volume has been devised for bass players who already possess a basic instrumental technique and mastery of basic harmony. For 4-5-6 string basses.”

Balducci has also released his first ever solo bass album. The bassist, who has credits from Paul McCandless to Nuevo Tango Ensemble, plays the entire album of jazz standards with just his bass and some overdubbing.

“These are some of the songs I most love to play, which entered the jazz repertoire during the last century, and some equally well-known compositions by great jazz players,” he says. “Most of the songs were recorded with my 4 string hollow body instrument, and a small part with my older neck through body 5 string bass. I love the wonder created together by the woods and the pickups: the material offered by Nature and the electronics, together, allow us an infinity of timbres, voices, dynamics and expressive nuances, which make the electric bass pure emotion.”

Hear a piece of the album with “Night Dreamer”:

Contemporary Electric Bass Volume 1 and Volume 2 are available now. Electric Wood can be streamed via Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon MP3

Electric Wood Track List:

  1. Night Dreamer
  2. Cherokee
  3. Darn That Dream
  4. Footprints
  5. I Love You
  6. Little B’s Poem
  7. E.S.P.
  8. Strange Meeting
  9. Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)
  10. You Go To My Head
  11. Days of Wine and Roses

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