Kansas – “Leftoverture”: The Complete Basslines, Part 4

Dave Hope: Miracles Out Of Nowhere Transcription

Tim Fletcher and Troy Hughes’ epic project “Kansas: Leftoverture – The Complete Basslines” has reached its fourth chapter, featuring Dave Hope’s work on “Miracles Out Of Nowhere”.

This is a more complex piece, with some tricky time signature changes – there are five different meters in the introduction alone! These challenging changes re-appear in different parts of the song, but the main verse and chorus sections are more straightforward.

In places, the song has an almost medieval sound to it, perhaps due to the harpsichord-like keyboard sounds, clean classical-style guitar, prominent use of the violin, and a fugue-like middle section. However, it’s not a dainty song – these elements are balanced by some great hard-rock guitar and drums, and Dave Hope’s bass is gritty and powerful throughout.

This chapter carries on from the first three installments and includes a full transcription (with tab), an in-depth analysis, playing hints and tips, and a video playthrough. If you wish to, you can gradually build up a collection of the chapters to complete the album.

Download chapter four and the transcription, then follow along with video:

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