Kansas – “Leftoverture”: The Complete Basslines, “Deluxe” Version

Kansas - "Leftoverture": The Complete Basslines, "Deluxe" Version

Tim Fletcher and Troy Hughes’ epic project “Kansas: Leftoverture – The Complete Basslines” has been serialized on No Treble for the last eighteen months and is now available as a complete set.

The complete “Leftoverture” portfolio contains a brief history of Dave Hope’s time in the band, a full set of transcriptions and tab (the first time most of these bass lines have been accurately transcribed), and with the addition of detailed analysis and video playthroughs, this is probably one of the most in-depth considerations of the bass lines from a complete album that we are aware of.

In case that wasn’t enough, Troy and I were very pleased to be able to interview Dave and include this in this “deluxe” version. Dave speaks openly about his experiences in the band, his memories of creating the bass lines for the album, and the basses he has played throughout his career. The complete interview has never been available before and is a welcome addition to the portfolio.

Download the complete “Deluxe” version.

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