Pino Palladino Announces Collaborative Album with Blake Mills, Releases First Track

Pino Palladino and Blake Mills

Photo by Mike Piscitelli

As one of the most in-demand bassists in the world, Pino Palladino has worked as a sideman on countless records. Now he’s releasing Notes With Attachments with producer Blake Mills, which marks his first album as a co-leader. The album was initially conceived as the bass wizard’s solo album but quickly blossomed into a collaborative experiment.

“It all evolved from me playing Blake a few ideas, getting a reaction from [him] and seeing if he’d be interested in working on [them],” Palladino explains. “As the project evolved in the first few weeks and months—even though the music was mostly coming from my original ideas, some of which I’d had for quite a while—[because of] Blake’s response to the ideas, it dawned on both of us that it would be a collaborative record.”

As such, Notes With Attachments is imbued with Palladino’s unique groove and melodic sense, drawing from West African and Cuban music, funk, jazz, and English folk. The duo enlisted an amazing list of musicians to fill out the album including drummer Chris Dave; saxophonists Sam Gendel, Marcus Strickland, and Jacques Schwartz-Bart; keyboardist Larry Goldings, and more.

Palladino and Mills are releasing the album on March 12th, but they’ve given a sneak peek of what’s to come with the single “Just Wrong.” “With a song like this, built-in layers, at various points along the road you look around and go: what is this? Where is the composition? Sometimes you end up drawing the blueprints of the house after it’s fully been built,” Mills says of the track.

Palladino plays a melodic bass part on a semi-acoustic while Mills uses an array of instruments among the guests.

“Just Wrong” is available now on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

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