TikTok Sensation Blu DeTiger Releases EP, “How Did We Get Here?”

Blu DeTiger: How Did We Get Here?Blu DeTiger has been releasing bits and pieces of her music, including the viral hit “Cotton Candy Lemonade,” through her massively popular TikTok account. Now the funky bassist has dropped an EP called How Did We Get Here? that gives us a fuller representation of her style.

The poppy seven-song collection features bass-driven grooves, sweet vocals, and highly danceable beats. That’s perfectly distilled into the track called “Vintage,” DeTiger tells Dork.

“The bass creates the movement on all the songs on the EP; this track in particular bounces from the start with only bass and drums. It’s bumping for real,” she says. “This song was loosely inspired by a person I was seeing, and some of the characters I’ve run into in NYC. I’ve always thought of myself as a ‘vintage girl’ because I take so much influence from the past. I listen to a lot of disco, 70s funk; I’ve DJ’d house, techno classics, and every pop hit from the 50s until the present day; and I’ve also practiced every jazz standard in The Real Book. I want someone to match my vibe and aesthetic, and in the basic sense of the song, I want a ‘vintage boy’ to accompany my sick outfit. Lyrically I really go in on what a ‘vintage boy’ type would be. I’m making fun of him, but at the same time, I’m admitting that I’m kind of into it. It also twists the traditional gender roles to be that I am the one who wants the guy to be MY arm candy (rather than the other way around). I think it’s empowering.”

If you haven’t caught the viral TikTok hit, “Cotton Candy Lemonade”, you can fix that now:

How Did We Get Here? is available now digitally streaming and for download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

How Did We Get Here? Track List:

  1. Figure It Out
  2. Vintage
  3. Toast with the Butter
  4. Disco banger but you’re crying in the bathroom
  5. Night Shade
  6. Cotton Candy Lemonade
  7. Kinda Miss You

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  1. MARK B

    COOL !!!

  2. Pete SI

    Am I supposed to take her seriously?

  3. MikeyM.

    Not a huge fan of this style of music; but there is no denying the killer groove in her bassline!