Lake Street Dive Releases “Obviously”

Lake Street Dive: ObviouslyFollowing up on their hit album, Free Yourself Up, Lake Street Dive has released another incredible record called Obviously. The band’s blend of pop, Americana, and soul once again propel their thoughtful lyrics and grooves.

It marks the first time they worked in the studio with keyboardist Akie Bermiss, who has been touring with the band since 2017. “This was the first time we got to collaborate with Akie as a writer,” bassist Bridget Kearney said. “He really brought a lot of stuff to the table. It’s pretty remarkable that you can add somebody to a band after fourteen years and have this completely new writer who fits into the grand scheme.”

Kearney brought a lot to the table, herself. Aside from her formidable double bass skills, her writing prowess shines on songs like the album opening “Hypotheticals” that she co-wrote with lead vocalist Rachael Price. See her groove in a performance of the song for CBS This Morning:

She also penned “Being A Woman,” which she explained to NPR. “I wrote the song ‘Being A Woman,’ and the full expression of that sentence in the song is being a woman is a full time job,” she says. “It starts out, and it’s pretty sparse, just drums and bass and a marimba. The groove that we’re playing is somewhat of a nod to a bouncier pop song feel, but played in a tired way, which is a musical expression of putting on a smile and getting through the day, but feeling this weight on your shoulders of the exhaustion.”

Obviously is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Obviously Track List:

  1. Hypotheticals
  2. Hush Money
  3. Same Old News
  4. Being A Woman
  5. Making Do
  6. Nobody’s Stopping You Now
  7. Know That I Know
  8. Lackluster Lover
  9. Anymore
  10. Feels Like the Last Time
  11. Sarah

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