Ariane Cap Announces “The Pattern System for the Bass Player”

Ariane Cap: The Pattern System for the Bass Player

Ariane Cap has followed up her smash hit Music Theory for the Bass Player with a new instructional book called The Pattern System for the Bass Player – Sharpen your Musical Mind through Fretboard Proficiency, Improvisation and Mental Practice. Co-written with Wolf Wein, the method includes 111 demonstration videos, 12 practice planners, test questions, and a large FAQ section to bolster your knowledge.

“[Cap’s] first book teaches the fundamentals of music theory through patterns on the bass fretboard. Her follow up work takes this pattern-based approach several steps further in that it teaches the patterns of music (scales, arpeggios, pentatonics, etc.) systematically all over the fretboard, in all keys and areas of the bass,” the press release explains. “Essential is the authors’ use of improvisation, scalar drills, and concise instruction on how to execute mental practicing through visualization and inner hearing. The result is not only superior fretboard proficiency, but a new creative awareness of the patterns of music itself.”

Cap and Wein also teach you to use a metronome to “think ahead and think music.” The book is currently available for pre-order through Indiegogo, which also offers extra perks. The Pattern System for the Bass Player will be shipping in May.

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  1. Scott Hudson

    Hi Ariane, I preordered your new book thru Indiegogo and received it today! It is very good quality (I got the spiral-bound version) and can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and get to work. Excellent job on the book and videos.