Geezer Butler Is Writing An Autobiography

Geezer Butler

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Heavy metal pioneer Geezer Butler is working on writing a memoir. The Black Sabbath bassist revealed the news in an interview with’s Gary Graff, who asked if Butler ever basked in the legacy of the band.

“Yeah, sometimes. At the moment I’m writing a memoir,” he explained. “I started out because when my parents died I always wished I’d asked them a lot more things than I knew about. I don’t really know much about my mum and dad, ‘cause they were always just there. So, I started writing a memoir for my grandkids to read, and that’s been fun going through stuff — old times and growing up in Birmingham and all that. I’m right in the middle of doing that at the moment.”

Butler co-founded Black Sabbath and, aside from performing bass lines that influenced countless musicians, was the primary lyricist. He also released three solo albums: Plastic Planet, Black Science, and Ohmwork.

Asked if there was any chance of Sabbath getting back together, the bassist was firm in his answer. “Nope, definitely not. We went out on top — why ruin it? We’re all old — really old. I don’t think we could last a tour these days. (laughs) Tony has had his cancer; He’s in remission but he doesn’t want to chance going out on the road. God knows what Ozzy’s doing. He was waiting to do his final tour for the past three years. I don’t know if he’ll ever go out on the road again. So no, Sabbath, it’s definitely the end for us.”

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