Source Audio Shipping the Ultrawave Multiband Bass Processor Pedal

Source Audio Ultrawave Multiband Bass Processor PedalAfter releasing a beta version last month, Source Audio has unleashed the Ultrawave Multiband Bass Processor. The company calls the pedal a “flexible multiband processing toolbox” that utilizes band-splitting, distortion curves, multi-band tremolo, compression, morphing, and stereo processing to create a “playground of new sounds.”

“The Ultrawave has two independent signal paths, which allow for dual-mono, stereo, parallel, cascade, and stereo imaging,” they write. “Two channels of fully configurable compression are available before or after the band processing. There are 30 different frequency band-splitting types that include ordinary single band as well as 2, 3, 4, 8 and 10 band-splitting options. The distortion section includes 43 different distortion curves that range from traditional overdrive to cutting-edge foldback and octave distortions.”

Source Audio adds that the tremolo stage lets you create custom LFO wave shapes that can be applied at each band at a different phase offset point. Other features include an 8-band EQ on each channel and the ability to define a second set of parameters across multiple blocks. Further, the Ultrawave is compatible with Source Audio’s Neuro Mobile App and Neuro Desktop Editor for comprehensive tweaking.

This pedal has many mind-boggling features, so luckily the company put together this demo of its features.

Nathan Navarro digs deeper into the bass-specific version of the pedal:

The Source Audio Ultrawave Multiband Bass Processor is shipping now with a street price of $249.

Source Audio Ultrawave Multiband Bass Processor Features:

37 Band Splitting Options
44 Distortion Types
Dual Channel Compressor/Expander
Growing Library of Published Presets
Stereo I/O
Detailed LFO Controls
Sound Morphing
8-Band Graphic EQ
Adjustable Noise Gate
Assignable Knobs
External Expression Pedal Control
6 Toggle Switch Accessible Presets
Universal Bypass
MIDI Capable
USB port
Universal Bypass

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