Carl Mayotte Releases “Pop de Ville, Vol. 1”

Carl Mayotte: Pop de Ville, Vol. 1Bassist Carl Mayotte had a big year in 2020, despite the hardships all around the world. He was named Radio-Canada Jazz Revelation 2020-2021 and won the Prix de la Relève LOJIQ of the Festi Jazz International of Rimouski. He also released his debut album, Fantosme.

Now he’s keeping the momentum up with a new album called Pop de Ville, Vol. 1. Raised in Quebec and living in Montreal, Mayotte found his inspiration for the new record in a different city.

“Mixing different musical styles, ‘Pop de Ville, Vol. 1’ is a tribute to City Pop, a Japanese musical genre that fuses jazz fusion with 1980s pop, thus uniquely combining the accessible and the more intellectual sides of music, resulting in a sound in which the groove is limitless and the originality of the compositions surprises,” he writes.

You can hear the influences and some killer playing in this video for “Chasse à l’homme” featuring keyboardist Lalle Larsson:

Pop de Ville, Vol. 1 is available now through Bandcamp.

Pop de Ville, Vol. 1 Track List:

  1. Cocotte
  2. Junie
  3. Chasse à l’homme
  4. Sandy
  5. Mike Mercury

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  1. MikeyM.

    Now this is some badass fusion! Nice warm, rounded bass tone too.

  2. Mark S B

    cool !!!

  3. René Gignac

    Awesome musician! Great band ! Listen to his previous cd Fantosme is a Must!!