Gilad Ephrat: Sunshower (Ron Carter Tribute)

Gilad Ephrat sent this video to us, in honor of Ron Carter’s 84th birthday on May 4th.

“For Ron’s 84th birthday, I decided to record one of his tunes which I love the most,” Gilad shared. When I went back to listen to it, I heard how much influence Ron had on me over the years – especially when he plays the piccolo bass. That higher sound was what I was looking for… maybe that’s the reason why I play the 5 string with a high C. The tune is ‘Sunshower’, from an album called ‘Piccolo’, with Kenny Barron on piano, Buster Williams on double bass, Ben Riley on drums, and Ron on piccolo bass. The album was recorded live at Sweet Basil in New York City on March 25–26, 1977.”

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  1. jose

    no way to see or hear about standing (small body or electro) contrabasses ?