Glou-Glou FX Unveils the Loupé Looper/Delay Station Pedal

Glou-Glou FX Loupé Looper/Delay Station PedalGlou-Glou FX has unveiled the Loupé, a creative stereo looper and delay pedal. The unit, which is the company’s first digital creation, is described as “flexible, musical, and interactive.”

“Loupé at its core is a 48khz/24bit Stereo looper with 9 assignable switches to be controlled with your hands and feet,” Glou-Glou writes. “These assignable functions control how and when you are recorded, how and when playback occurs, and what effects will be applied to the loop. We save these unique combinations of switch assignments into presets called ‘Games’. As the name suggests, these many Games are quick ways to have fun and inspire music-making. After two years of development, we excitedly await to hear what people find.”

A Scroll function allows for moving your playback loop around in the memory. Other features include Pulse Sync Out, an expression pedal input with three dedicated modes, adjustable quantizations of functions, and more.

The Glou-Glou FX Loupé will be available direct on May 15th for $650.

Glou-Glou FX Loupé Looper/Delay Station Pedal Features:

Glou-Glou FX Loupé48khz/24bit Stereo audio
43 seconds maximum loop length
2 Selectable Line / Mic Input
9 assignable switches (5 footswitches + 4 tact switches) can be individually set to toggle or sustain
Classic EDP* Functions: Record, Overdub, Replace, Multiply, Insert, Trig, Mute, Start.
Up to 127 levels of Undo.
ReadFX: Pitch, Reverse, Stutter, Drift, Auto-Follow, Redux, Pitch Modulation (Sine, Random)
Adjustable Quantization of Functions and ReadFX.
Unique Scroll function lets you move the playback loop around in the memory.
Pulse Sync Out, adjustable PPQ
Expression pedal Input with 3 dedicated modes

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