Mile End Effects Unveils the DTYCEYP Fuzz/Preamp Pedal

Mile End Effects DTYCEYP Fuzz-Preamp PedalMile End Effects has unveiled the DTYCEYP, aka the Don’t Think You Can Escape Your Purpose, fuzz/preamp pedal. The unit is an homage to the Univox Super Fuzz of the 1970s, which was used on Yoo Doo Right’s first LP, Don’t Think You Can Escape Your Purpose, hence the name.

“In addition to the standard and very aggressive Univox Super Fuzz sound, Mile End Effects implemented a switchable active Baxandall Tone Stack, EQ, and PreAmp offering 12dB of boost or cut in the tone controls as well as up to a 24dB boost in output volume (controllable via an internal trim pot).”

Mile End also fixed the original circuit’s volume drop with the added tone and boost options. The DTYCEYP will be built in a limited batch and is available for $225 CAD.

Mile End Effects DTYCEYP Fuzz/Preamp Pedal Features:

A classic octave fuzz using two germanium diodes
A1kHz Mid-Scoop Tone Toggle Switch
Switchable Active Baxandall EQ controls
Separate Internal Trim Pots to adjust both the amount of octave overtone (bias) and the overall output of the PreAmp section (boost)

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