Lightning Boy Audio Announces the DiVision Tube Direct Box

Lightning Boy Audio DiVision Tube Direct Box

Lightning Boy Audio has introduced the DiVision, a limited edition vacuum tube direct box featuring a 6DS4 nuvistor vacuum tube running at 230V. The company says using the minuscule tube lets you get a big tube tone and headroom in a little box. The entire unit weighs just under one pound.

The DiVision runs on a standard 9V pedal adapter and internally boosts the power for more headroom. It can dish out up to 11dB of clean boost and has a “Vision” knob that controls an active shelving EQ. It controls the tube to produce a treble boost of up to 6dB shouldered at 10kHz. Lightning Boy says when the Vision control is turned down that presents a flat response from 10Hz-22kHz with 0.2% THD+N.

The Lightning Boy Audio DiVision will be limited to 68 units. It’s available direct for $329.

Lightning Boy Audio DiVision Tube Direct Box Features:

11dB signal boost (adjustable via “Volume” knob).
6dB HF shelving boost at 10kHz (Adjustable via “Vision” knob).
flat from 10Hz-22kHz +/- 2dB
Input impedance ~700k Ohms
Output impedance = 200 Ohms
Input power = 9V DC @ 310mA minimum. Power supply with 350mA or greater capacity recommended.
THD+N = 0.2%

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