Lightning Boy Audio Announces the TI Box

Lightning Boy Audio TI Box

Lightning Boy Audio has introduced the TI Box, also known as the “Thicker Injection Box.” Inspired by vintage sounds, the passive DI box is based on an LBA-MC15 transformer that the company says offers thicker tone and 4.6dB more output than most modern passive DI’s.

“This box is not a recreation of a classic DI, but rather a unique take on classic ideas,” the company shared. “Therefore, its sound, while colorful in a vintage sort of way, is unique to this device. The frequency response is flat across and beyond the audio spectrum as measured with test equipment. In practical use, you’ll probably notice a bit of heft in the sub-bass, dominance in the mids, and a bit of a softening in the highs, all of which define the TI Box sound.”

You can hear it on bass compared with other passive DI boxes in the company’s demo:

The TI Box has a 1/4-inch input as well as a 1/4-inch bypass. Its output is a Neutrik XLR balanced out that’s complemented by a phase invert switch and a ground lift. It is handcrafted in the United States and is available for a direct price of $169.

Lightning Boy Audio TI Box Features and Specs:

4.6dB louder than a conventional passive DI Box.
1/4″ input and bypass jacks
Neutrik XLR balanced output jack
Phase invert switch
Ground lift switch
Frequency Response: Flat from 17Hz-23kHz +/- 1dB when used as directed.
0.002% THD+N when measured with a 100mV 1kHz sine wave driving the input and a 1.4k Ohm load on the output.
Weight: 12.5oz./356g.
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 5.279″/134.1mm x 4.199″/106.67mm x 2.228″/56.61mm

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