“The Pattern System for the Bass Player” by Ariane Cap and Wolf Wein Now Available

The Pattern System For the Bass PlayerAfter a successful IndieGoGo campaign, Ariane Cap’s and Wolf Wein’s new book The Pattern System for the Bass Player is now available. The 330-page book, which follows up her best-selling Music Theory for the Bass Player, is packed with diagrams and exercises to teach fretboard proficiency as well as improvisation and mental practice.

The shapes and patterns you learn will include major and minor scales, triads, diatonic chord progressions, pentatonics, and more. Cap drives home the concepts with 111 videos in total.

“However, it goes beyond that in unique and compelling ways,” she writes. “You will use improvisation exercises to make the shapes yours, do mind-bending drills that train you in the patterns of the fretboard and those of music at a depth you never thought possible, dive deeply into the wondrous world of “shapes within shapes,” [and] follow precise instructions on how to practice, represent and manifest music’s patterns in your mind.”

The Pattern System for the Bass Player doubles as a workbook with practice guides and “test your understanding” questions in each chapter. Buying the book also gets you into a monthly live Q and A with the authors.

The Pattern System for the Bass Player is available now in paperback and spiral-bound versions through Amazon.

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