Hamstead Soundworks Introduces the Comet Interstellar Drive Pedal

Hamstead Soundworks Comet Interstellar Driver PedalHamstead Soundworks has unveiled the Comet, a four-knob drive pedal that has both transparent and character drive voices. The voices are available through a mini-switch that changes the order of the drive and EQ circuits. Hamstead says the versatile circuit lets you cover boost, drive, and fuzz tones.

“Representing our pursuit to take analog drive circuitry to new heights, it can be molded from boutique sounding overdrive with a vocal midrange, right through to a rich and creamy fuzz,” they write. “Both transparent and character drive tones are accessed via a deceptively simple, but incredibly powerful switch. Furthermore, your tone can be shaped via an intuitive two-band EQ, for additional tone sculpting.”

The Comet also has an internal switch to access High Gain mode for more crunch. And though the pedal is made for both bass or guitar, an internal hi-cut pot lets you tailor the high frequencies to your liking.

The Hamstead Comet is an all-analog pedal built in Cambridgeshire, Great Britain. It’s open to order for $259.

Hamstead Soundworks Comet Interstellar Driver Pedal Features:

Four-knob Layout: Level, Bass Treble, Gain
Transparent and Character drive voices
Multifunction EQ/Drive switch
Active EQ with +/-15dB of clean Treble & Bass boost & cut Up to 30dB of Level boost
High Gain mode (via an internal switch)
Global Hi Cut adjustment (via an internal pot)
Silent optical switching and TheGigRig's OptoKick footswitch, for excellent reliability
All-analog design
Dimensions: 70 w x 130 d x 65 h mm
Weight: 525 g / 1.16 lbs
Power Requirement: 9-12 V DC ONLY, 65 mA (Centre Negative) Input Impedance: 500 kΩ
Output Impedance: < 300 Ω
Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty

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