Julia Hofer: Top 5 Geddy Lee Bass Lines

Julia Hofer has shared some excellent videos on her top five bass lines by Carol Kaye and Leland Sklar.

Now she’s focusing on the work of Geddy Lee. Julia discusses and plays along to “Tom Sawyer”, “Halo Effect”, “YYZ”, “Red Barchetta”, and “Big Money”.

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  1. Janet S.

    Might check that release date for Tom Sawyer. Moving Pictures came out in 1981. Nice work, though! I never got very far trying to play along with Geddy Lee.

  2. MikeyM.

    Once again Ms. Julia has done a great job! I totally dig the fact that she came with Halo Effect and Big Money on her List. I remember the first time that I saw the video for Big Money on MTV. The rhythm section behind the guitar solo was sooo killer on that one. I totally dig!

  3. Frankie Star

    Moving Pictures was released in 1981.

  4. Pete

    Thank you again Julia! Starting at Tom Sawyer… but, Geddy had SO many more amazing lines in their songs way before Moving Pictures came out.