Aluminati Guitar Co. Announces Orion Bass Series

Aluminati Orion Series Bass

Aluminati Guitar Co. has previously focused on building bass necks out of aluminum, but now they’ve announced their first complete bass. The Orion Bass Series includes their polished hollowcore Andromeda neck with black locking tuners matched to a body made of 3D milled black Lucite. The material offers extended midrange response, they write.

The Orion is fitted with a pair of Lollar jazz bass pickups with a volume/volume/tone control configuration. Other features include anodized aluminum knobs, a Hipshot bridge, and an anodized aluminum pickguard.

The Aluminati Orion Bass is available for order with an introductory price of $2,699.

Aluminati Guitar Co. Orion Bass Specs:

Body:3D Milled Black Lucite
Neck:Polished Hollowcore Andromeda (Aluminum)
Pickups:Lollar Jazz
Controls:Hand-Wired Volume, Volume, Tone - Bourne Pots
Pickguard:Anodized Aluminum
Knobs:Anodized Aluminum
Case:Hardshell Gator Case Included

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  1. Greywoulf

    10lbs… Yeah, at least! With -all that Lucite in the body?