Clarke, Miller, and Wooten Reunite for Bass/Nature – Europe


Victor Wooten has been continuing his Bass and Nature camps this year in a virtual setting. This weekend will be the Bass/Nature – Europe camp, which is open to all but scheduled around CEST (Paris Time). Wooten says the program is based around their tried-and-true camp-style but designed with a slightly different flair. He also dropped the bombshell that the event will bring S.M.V. – the bass hero trio of Wooten, Stanley Clarke, and Marcus Miller – back together.

“We’re not screaming, you’re screaming. REGISTER NOW to see this iconic trio together again,” Wooten shared on Facebook.

The virtual camp runs from July 30 to August 1st. Each day includes online classes as well as Q&A time with Wooten and guests. Other instructors for the camp include Yolanda Charles, Reggie Hamilton, Denson Angulo, Steve Bailey, Dave Welsch, and more.

Tuition for Bass/Nature – Europe is $400. For more details, visit the VixCamps website.

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  1. alain

    La basse est le rythme, la vibration, les solos.
    Il paraît qu’en haute mer et dans le désert, on ressentir la vibration de la terre.
    En ce qui me concerne c’est idem pour la guitare basse.
    Bonne journée à toutes et tous.