Ampeg Introduces the AFS2 Footswitch

Ampeg AFS2 Footswitch

Ampeg has introduced a new utility footswitch called the AFS2. The two-button metal latching footswitch can be used with any SVT head or Rocket Bass/BA combo amp.

“[It features] switchable functions such as Mute, EQ, and SGT on/off – allowing you to control any two,” Ampeg explains.

A ten-foot right-angle/straight TRS cable is included for connecting to your amp. The Ampeg AFS2 is available now for $39.99.

Ampeg AFS2 Footswitch Features:

Two-Button Footswitch
Works with SVT, Rocket Bass, BA Combos
10-foot TRS Cable Included

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  1. Pete SI

    I have a rocket bass amp. Why would I spend $40 for this pedal that only one switch works when I can get a pedal on Amazon for $17 that has one switch that does the same thing? Ridiculous!