Fractal Audio Now Shipping the FM9

Fractal Audio FM9

Fractal Audio has unveiled the FM9, the latest in their modeling products. It features four DSP cores, making it the most powerful of their floor units. Its capabilities include UltraRes IR speaker cab simulation, a suite of effects, expandable FC foot switching, flexible I/O, an 8×8 audio interface, and more.

“The centerpiece of the FM9 is ‘Cygnus,’ the latest version of Fractal Audio’s critically acclaimed amp modeling technology,” the company writes. “Cygnus uses Fractal’s proprietary SpectrumTrackTM technology, which improves the response of amp models across the entire range of input levels, especially for amps with cascaded gain stages. The result is truer and more dynamic “voicing,” remarkable touch sensitivity, and exceptionally satisfying “chugs.” The FM9’s two amp blocks each have four channels that can run any of 280+ vintage, modern, and original models covering everything from pristine clean, edge of breakup, and crunchy overdrive, to modern distortion, and insane gain. The FM9 also includes the entire Ultra-ResTM cab collection from the Axe-Fx III, with 2,200+ “Factory” cabs including selections from today’s best producers, plus 1,024 “User” locations for loading your own Impulse Responses (“IRs”).”

Although it’s demoed on the guitar, you can hear all about the FM9’s deep feature set here:

The Fractal Audio FM9 is shipping now for $1,599.99.

Fractal Audio FM9 Features:

Nine On-Board Footswitches with vari-color LED Rings and Mini LCD Display
Cygnus Amp Modeling
UltraRes Speaker Simulation
Suite of Stompbox and Studio Effects
Expandable FC Foot Switching
Flexible I/O
8x8 USB Audio Interface
Mac/PC Editor
1/4″ instrument input, plus two separate stereo pairs of balanced 1/4? jacks for use as “aux” ins or “returns.”

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