Vanilla Fudge Releases Final Song with Tim Bogert, “Stop In The Name of Love”

Vanilla Fudge

Tim Bogert’s final recording with Vanilla Fudge has been released with the band’s “fudged up” version of The Supreme’s hit “Stop In The Name of Love.” The track features the original lineup of Bogert with Mark Stein, Carmine Appice, and Vincent Martel, who were on tour in 2019 when the idea came about.

They wanted to complete it with Bogert on the track, but the bassist had been battling cancer for some time and they weren’t sure they could get him to record. Appice arranged for Bogert to record at Gov’t Mule bassist Jorgen Carlsson’s studio in Los Angeles.

“It was very cool that we were able to get Timmy on the track. I’m glad he was strong enough and gracious enough to record with us one last time,” Martel says. “He gave me a great template to build on with my guitar. I created an East Indian raga intro in the spirit of our early albums and rocked out at the end. Hold on tight everybody, ’cause here comes the FUDGE…”

Bogert passed in January 2021. In addition to releasing the song, Vanilla Fudge released a track called “To the Legacy of Tim Bogert”, in which they pay tribute to the bassist and the process of getting him to record one last time.

“Stop in the Name Of Love” is available now via iTunes and Amazon MP3.

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