Scott Kinsey & Mer Sal Host Top Shelf Bassists on “Adjustments”

Scott Kinsey and Mer Sal: AdjustmentsJazz keyboardist Scott Kinsey and songwriter Mer Sal have teamed up for a new album called Adjustments, which sees the duo joined by a phenomenal set of supporting musicians. The collaboration brings together Kinsey’s fusion style with Sal’s vocal prowess.

“After working for years with lots of guitarists and saxophonists, I’ve come to realize that the voice is in many ways the most expressive instrument of all,” Kinsey explains.

Adjustments includes 12 tracks with four of them being covers: “Feel Flows” (The Beach Boys), “Time Out of Mind” (Steely Dan), “Down to You” (Joni Mitchell), and “Jungle Book” (Weather Report). Kinsey and Sal recruited a host of top shelf guitarists for the album like Scott Henderson, Pedro Martins, Oz Noy, Josh Smith, Nir Felder, and Alex Machacek. Drums are handled by Danny Carey, Gary Novak, Gergo Borlai, and Brad Dutz.

Sal herself takes on the bass for “Tiny Circles” and “Bleeding Tears”, and Kinsey performs the Trilian bass on “Crying Smile” and “Fifty Circles Around the Sun.” Beyond that, they called on Tim Lefebvre, Hadrien Feraud, Jimmy Haslip, Junior Braguinha, and Michael Janisch to supply the low end.

Check out the song “This Shell” with Feraud on bass:

Adjustments is available now via iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Adjustments Track List:

  1. Tiny Circles
  2. Seroquel
  3. Bleeding Tears
  4. Innocent Victim
  5. This Shell
  6. Time Out of Mind
  7. Crying Smile
  8. Feel Flows
  9. Heart of Glass
  10. Fifty Circles Around the Sun
  11. Down to You/Jungle Book
  12. Don’t Let Go

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