Dusky Electronics Introduces the Toasted Pedal

Dusky Electronics Toasted PedalDusky Electronics has announced a new pedal called Toasted, which is an update to their Toasted Drive Pedal. The new stompbox has an expanded control range and a more pleasing distortion, the company states.

“Toasted does everything its ancestor could do, just better,” Dusky shared. “Eschewing opamps and clipping diodes, Toasted’s discrete, class-A circuitry consists of a pair of MOSFET gain stages cascaded one into the other, like tube gain stages in a guitar amplifier. Toasted’s dynamic low-to-medium gain range stacks well with other pedals and its substantial output volume allows it to push a tube amplifier over the edge.”

In addition to its “More,” “Heat,” and “Color” knobs, the Toasted has an internal MEAT switch that expands the pedal’s low-end range. Other features include the option for 18-volt operation, battery operation, and a high impedance input for flexible signal chain placement.

The Dusky Electronics Toasted is available for $180.

Dusky Electronics Toasted Pedal Features:

Real overdrive from a discrete class-A circuit
Internal MEAT switch to expands low end range
High impedance input allowing for flexible placement in signal chain
18V power option, for extended dynamic range and headroom
Battery power option

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